Parnassus Heights

Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Planning

A comprehensive strategic and physical planning process for UCSF’s Parnassus Heights campus was launched in December 2017 by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (EVCP) Dan Lowenstein and Senior Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration (SVC) Paul Jenny to develop a Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan to guide improvements to that campus over the coming decades.

For more information, including the "Big Ideas" from a July 2018 workshop, please visit the Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Planning page.


Central Research Labs (CoLabs at Parnassus)

Update June 4, 2018:
A summary of the CRL subgroup report to the Parnassus Master Planning Steering Committee was shared at a faculty town hall meeting on May 29, 2018. The subgroup has recommended that we rename the CRL as the “CoLabs at Parnassus” to indicate the dual role of the initiative as both a new model for collaboration and a provider of core services. The CRL/CoLabs Design Team will be selected this summer and the Master Planning committee is working with the UCSF Space Management Subcommittee and others to identify the optimal site for the CoLabs on a similar timeline. Those interested in participating in the next phase of CoLabs planning are invited to contact members of the CRL subgroup or any of its task forces.


The Central Research Labs (CRL) is the first component of the Parnassus Heights campus improvement project with planning, design, and construction to proceed on an aggressive timeline. 

  • A new CRL facility will provide a set of related central research resources and foster collaboration and creativity.
  • The CRL Subgroup, which will report to the Parnassus Master Plan Steering Committee, is charged with developing a vision and proposing a program for the CRL that describes the activities, personnel, space, and equipment that will be required for the lab.
  • The CRL Subgroup is seeking broad input by forming task forces to investigate specific proposals and welcomes questions and suggestions from the UCSF community. Those wishing to remain informed about the CRL planning process are encouraged to join the CRL Subgroup listserv for regular updates posted on this website.
  • Although the CRL Subgroup will recommend a program to the Parnassus Master Plan Steering Committee in April 2018, well before the Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan is developed, its goals for the CRL are consistent with those of the Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan, which seek to strengthen and support collaboration and excellence at the Parnassus Heights campus.

Seismic Program Renovations

UC San Francisco's Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) was approved by the University of California Regents in late 2014. With this momentum, UCSF began to focus its attention on the Parnassus campus to address critical structural issues as one of the many phases of implementing the LRDP. The first objective is to seismically retrofit and renovate Clinical Sciences Building (CSB) by 2019.


Through 2019

  • Seismically retrofit and renovate CSB.
  • Parnassus streetscape

Clinical Sciences Building

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UC Hall

UC Hall Decommissioning

UC Hall (or the U building) will be completely vacated and decommissioned, undergo interim seismic improvements then be secured and closed. All utilities to the building will be shut off as part of its decommissioning.  Future plans for UC Hall include conversion to campus housing.  These future plans have been put on hold to allow the University to redirect their resources to other campus construction priorities.

In preparation for decommissioning, the deadline for wet labs to vacate UC Hall is December 2018.  The decommissioning process for the wet lab space will take approximately one year, ending in December 2019.

The move deadline for all others in UC Hall is December 2019, at the completion of work in Clinical Sciences Building (CSB). Many of the UC Hall occupants will move into the Clinical Sciences Building, the Beckman Vision Center outpatient clinics will move into the new Mission Bay Center for Vision Neurosciences Building,  and  the remaining occupants will relocate elsewhere. 

Questions about UC Hall can be directed to [email protected], where they will be routed for response

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