Space Management FAQ



How do I manage Primary versus Secondary Locations in Archibus?

  1. Archibus can accept only one Primary location and multiple Secondary locations. However, there are interfaces between the Primary Location in Archibus, CLS (Campus Locator System) and the UCSF Directory. Only the Locations marked as Primary in Archibus will be shared with CLS/Directory. If an employee is spending equal amount of time at both the locations, then only one location can be made primary (in Archibus) and that location will inform the CLS/UCSF Directory. It is up to the employee/Space Coordinator to identify which location they want to show on customer-facing applications like CLS/Directory, and that location should be marked as Primary.
  2. If you ADD a new primary location for any employee, e.g. Building A, Room 123 and the employee was previously assigned in Archibus to Building B, Room 234 as the primary location, then the previous primary location (Room 234) will be completely removed from the employee location (system will not give any error/warning message). And the new location 123 will be the Primary location in Archibus, and this update will also be made in CLS. When in doubt, please review the employee’s Primary Location via Space Update Form>All Rooms tab or look for multiple locations of employees in ‘View Employee’ report.
  3. Using the space update form. Updating employee location does not require approval in Archibus. Therefore, you can update an employee’s location using the space update form. Once you are done updating employee location change and only if there are no other proposed changes, then you can withdraw this room from your update list. If you need to edit occupancy or edit Room Type/ Dept Assignment, you will need to submit the space update form, as approval is required for these changes.

How can I see which employees in my department are not assigned a location?

Run the “View Employees” report, and apply a filter for your department.

How should we capture space utilization data for temporary employees that are not in the HR system?

Use the Notes field to capture this information.

For labs, when there are vacant positions, do I mark as “to be hired”?

No, you do not, unless it is for a PI, and then you may select “PI Assignment Pending.”

For the stations where there are no employees, but there is equipment for the lab in the space, what do I do?

Campus Planning wants to see how space is used as it was originally intended to be used. Do not assign employees to the space if an employee does not sit there.

Personnel changes frequently in many labs. How do I keep up with this in Archibus?

A quarterly check of employee locations is strongly recommended (frequent review through the year will make the next annual space survey much easier).

I removed employees from my rooms, but they reappear next day?

Some employees may appear in the same place after removing after nightly updates. This may happen due to multiple factors – connectivity issues, multiple locations not edited correctly, other system related issues. It is recommended to confirm your changes a day after, ‘View Employees’ Report will be the fastest route to confirm. If a removed occupant reappears in a room please reach out to [email protected] for assistance. Our team is working with various teams to fix this permanently.


How are focus rooms defined?

Focus rooms are categorized as “Admin Office Support.”

For conference rooms, do we count all the chairs in the room?

If there are chairs against the wall, around the table, count them as stations in the room. Do not count chairs that are not a permanent component of the room capacity.

Tip: How to confirm there is no bad data for the Room Type and employee occupancy. Filter all your rooms by Room Type “CONFRNCE RM” or “CONF RM SUP” – there should be no employees assigned to these rooms. If you think the employee is assigned to one of the above room is accurate then probably the room type needs an update. Use similar analytics for other room types.

We have report writing stations that are shared by employees who do not have fixed space though need a space to write up reports or notes (e.g. campus police officers). How do we assign employees to this space?

Do not assign any employees to this space. Instead indicate that it is a Hotel space. To do this, notify your Strategist that this room is a “hotel” room; the Strategist can indicate that the room is used for “hoteling”, on the Department/PI Splits Panel on the Space Update Form. Also, these rooms compliment the administrative function in the area and as such the Room Type should be coded “Admin Office Support.”


If I have completed the annual survey in the system, and an update comes into an employee’s location from CLS, is there a way to freeze the database?

Archibus system and all our integrations with other systems are in real-time. A freeze on the database is not possible due to its changing nature. Employee updates from other systems are only received if there is an SRS or employee initiated request. If you have completed your survey before the survey end date, please work closely with your department manager/access administrator to monitor any new employee additions, separations, etc. to update them. Survey End Date = a snapshot of entire database will be exported for UCOP reporting on this day.


How do I access Archibus?

Login to MyAccess and search for Archibus Space Management. Click on the link for Archibus.

I cannot access Archibus and I have completed the training. What do I do?

If you believe you should have been granted access, please send an email to [email protected] with your name, department name, and role that you have in Archibus.

I am a new user to Archibus, how can I get trained?

Training materials for each role are located here. If you have questions about which modules to review, please contact [email protected]

I need help using Archibus. Who do I contact?

If you have a question about how to use Archibus, please contact [email protected].

I cannot update the rooms I need to update. What do I do?

Log into Archibus, and click on Submit Feedback in the Help section of the home page. Enter the building and rooms you should be able to access, as well as the department they are assigned to,and click submit.

I am working in Archibus, but when I clicked on a task, I got an error message that reads " says: Error undefined". What do I do?

Close the browser and log back into Archibus. This error sometimes occurs when there is a brief loss of network connectivity.

I want to request new space. What do I do?

If you are a Coordinator in Archibus, log into Archibus and click on the Space Request Form. Complete the form and click on submit. Your request will be routed to your Control Point Strategist for review. If you are not a Coordinator in Archibus, please contact the Space Coordinator in your department and they can complete the form for you. If you do not know who the Space Coordinator is for your department, please contact your Department Manager.

I want to loan some of my space to another unit. What do I do?

Please log in to Archibus and click on Space Request Form. Complete the form indicating the details of the loan. If you have a loan agreement, please attach it to the request form.

I need to change the departmental assignment for a room that is currently assigned to my department. How do I do this?

Please log into Archibus and click on Space Request Form. Complete the form indicating the building and room numbers, and the department the rooms should be assigned to. Please include any background information on the correct departmental assignments. Click on submit and the form will be routed to your Control Point Strategist for review.