School Space Committees and Policies

UCSF School of Medicine Space Governance

The purpose of the UCSF School of Medicine Space policy is to provide a framework for uniform, equitable and effective governance of School of Medicine space. The Dean has overall responsibility for the equitable and optimal use of space resources, with final authority over all School of Medicine space assignments and designations. The Dean has appointed a committee comprised of faculty and staff to make recommendations to address principles, processes, and issues regarding space management for all school space (download the policy). Within the School of Medicine, Departments are responsible for managing the space assigned to them. Space assignments are not permanent.

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School of Medicine Space Committee Members*

Co-Chair: Bruce Wintroub, Vice Dean, School of Medicine
Co-Chair: Keith Yamamoto, Vice Dean, School of Medicine

Staff to Committee: Bonnie Maler, Associate Dean, School of Medicine
Staff to Committee: Karin Wong, Director, School of Medicine Dean's Office

Shelley Adler, Director, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
Ronald Arenson, Chair, Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
Claire Brindis, Director, Institute for Health Policy Studies
Atul Butte, Director, Institute of Computational Health Sciences
Michael Conte, Professor & Chief, Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Clarice Estrada, Chief Administrative Officer, Cardiovascular Research Institute
Jennifer Grandis, Director, Clinical and Translational Research Institute
Michael Gropper, Chair, Anesthesia
Robert Hiatt, Chair, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Lewis Lanier, Chair, Microbiology and Immunology
Wendell Lim, Chair, Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
Jacquelyn J. Maher, Professor, Medicine/Gastroenterology; Program Director, UCSF Liver Center
Stephen McLeod, Chair, Ophthalmology
Catherine Park, Chair, Radiation Oncology
Jeremy Reiter, Chair, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Robert Wachter, Chair, Department of Medicine

*Updated February 2017

UCSF School of Pharmacy Space Guidelines

Members of the School of Pharmacy Space Committee are listed below. Download SOP space guidelines.

Fran Aweeka, Professor, Chemical Pharmacy
Michael Fischbach, Associate Professor, Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences
Matt Jacobson, Chair of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Michael Nordberg, Chair of Committee, Associate Dean, Finance and Administration