Archibus User Access Form

Our User Request Form can be used for the following:

  • Request New User Access (Read only – or Edit Access)
  • Change to existing user access
  • Deactivating user account

Notes for Edit Access (Coordinator) Requests:

  • An Archibus Strategist must approve requests that require edit access before they can be processed by the Space Analytics Team.  This workflow is built into the User Request Form.
  • Note that in Archibus, Division refers to a School’s Department, and an Archibus Department refers to a School’s Division.
  • Use the UCSF Chart of Account DeptID Tree to understand access assignments in Archibus. Assigning a user to a Chart of Accounts DeptID Level 2 (an Archibus Division) provides edit access to all of a department’s space. For specific access to certain DeptIDs, identify each DeptID in level 3 and 4 individually on the form.