Records & Information Management

“Can’t keep everything forever, can’t throw everything away tomorrow”

UCSF has many construction and renovation projects. How does this relate to records and information management? Paper records take up valuable onsite space and need to be securely stored. Active management of paper records ensures they are protected and accessible. It also minimizes onsite space needed for records leaving more space for people.


Scroll down for guidance, tools and contacts to manage the storage and disposal of records and information in any format. Ensure that UCSF records are managed and preserved, can be retrieved as needed, and are disposed of according to policy requirements.


  • Save space
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Protect the University



Carolyn Tuft
Records and Information Management Project Manager
[email protected] 415-640-9542 

Brenda Gee
UCSF Records Coordinator
[email protected]  415-476-4317