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UCSF Space Committee
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UCSF Space Committee


Charter for the UCSF Space Committee

Effective January 2020


Guided by Campus Administrative Policy 600-24, the UCSF Space Committee (committee) provides overall governance of space policies and procedures at UCSF and ensures that space related decision-making is aligned with University priorities. Currently, the purview of the committee does not include oversight of allocation of UCSF Health clinical and patient-facing space.

The committee is advised by the Space Work Group. To keep UCSF leadership informed, the committee will provide quarterly updates to the Chancellor’s Cabinet.



The committee oversees the allocation of space to units reporting directly to the Chancellor, including leased space. Once space is allocated to the direct reports, they will determine space assignments for individual programs, research teams, or faculty members.

  • The committee will be responsible for the following actions:
  • Campus Space Policy (600-24) modifications, updates, and approval
  • Strategic direction and space initiatives development
  • Space reallocation criteria development and request approval
  • Leased space request/opportunity decisions and procedures
  • Committee decision communication
  • Action item delegation
  • Oversight of space utilization metrics based on most recent Research and Administration Space

Policy Recommendations

Through effective information sharing among the group, individual members will be responsible for communicating with their own constituencies about space-related activities across UCSF.

Operating Principles

The committee will work according to these principles:

  • Discussions are focused, concise, open-minded, and inclusive - all views will be considered in making a decision.
  • Should the members be unable to reach a consensus during the decision-making process, the EVCP co-chair will have the final decision making authority.
  • Decisions will be based on fairness, consistency, transparency, economic sustainability, and strategic prioritization.


  • Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (co-chair)
  • Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration (co-chair)
  • Dean, School of Dentistry
  • Dean, School of Medicine
  • Dean, School of Nursing
  • Dean, School of Pharmacy
  • Vice Chancellor of Research
  • Senior Associate Vice Chancellor and Vice President, Real Estate
  • Academic Senate Committee on Space Chair
  • Faculty Space Review Committee Chair
  • Vice Dean, Space, School of Medicine
  • Associate EVCP
  • Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Planning

Membership of the committee may be changed by the designated co-chairs as needed.

Logistics and protocol

  • The committee is scheduled to meet monthly.
  • Major decisions and actions for consideration will be circulated to members within five working days of each meeting.
  • Committee discussions, decisions, and actions will be communicated by the individual member to their counterpart on the Space Work Group and other relevant stakeholders and control points.


2023-2024 UCSF Space Committee Membership

Co-Chair: Catherine Lucey, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Co-Chair: Erin Gore, Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration


School of Dentistry


School of Medicine


School of Nursing


School of Pharmacy


Office of Research


UCSF Real Estate





School of Medicine


Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost


UCSF Real Estate


UCSF Space Work Group

Charter for the UCSF Space Work Group

Effective January 2020



The UCSF Space Work Group (work group) consists of staff from across UCSF whose principal role is addressing challenges associated with tactical space allocation. Using metrics and criteria approved by the Space Committee, the work group reviews the utilization of space and makes recommendations to the Space Committee.



The role of the work group is to investigate and create solutions for space allocation requests via the UCSF space management system, Archibus. 

The work group will present recommendations to the Space Committee on the following topics:

  • Allocation of released space
  • Space reallocation from one school, program, or department to another
  • Strategic direction and space initiatives
  • Resolutions to conflicting space requests
  • Requests and opportunities for leased space
  • A unified set of space policies and guiding principles

Approved solutions are communicated back to the work group for implementation.

In addition, through effective internal work group communication and collaboration, individual members will communicate decisions and actions to their respective constituencies and other key stakeholders. This includes the flow of information to and from requesters within their unit.


Operating Principles

The work group will be guided by these principles:

  • Discussions are to be thoughtful, creative, and inclusive – all ideas will be considered in the decision and recommendation-making processes.
  • Members are expected to come to meetings prepared.  This entails bringing problems, possible solutions, and information to the group related to assigned action items from the previous meeting.  This is critical to maintaining momentum towards developing resolutions or confirming a final recommendation for the Space Committee.


Logistics and Protocol

  • The work group will meet for 50-minutes on a bi-weekly or weekly basis.
  • The Space & Capital Planning members shall be responsible for updating and distributing the agenda and related materials a minimum of two working days in advance of a meeting. 
  • Presentations shall be concise with an emphasis on photos, maps, videos, and other media that can convey the space issue to its highest level, enabling work group members to effectively participate in discussions despite lack of prior familiarity with the space in question.
  • Quarterly reports will be provided to the Space Committee.
  • An annual report will also be submitted the Space Committee for its distribution to or discussion with other UCSF stakeholders.  The report will incorporate a three-year data trend analysis.



The work group shall comprise representatives from each Space Committee member’s functional area and strategic focus who have direct knowledge and responsibility for space planning.

The following list represents a diverse cross section of staff with past or current direct knowledge and responsibility for space planning.  At the discretion of the Chair, new members will be added to the work group as needed.


2023 UCSF Space Work Group Membership

Cara Fladd (Chair)

UCSF Real Estate - Campus Planning

Andrew Bird

UCSF Real Estate - Health Design & Construction

Cecilia Chang School of Nursing
Neha Diggikar UCSF Real Estate - Campus Planning
Douglas Dresnek Environmental Health and Safety

Tracy Dudman

UCSF Real Estate - Campus Planning

Clarice Estrada

Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost (EVCP)

Dr. Mark Kirkland

School of Dentistry

Bruce Lanyon

UCSF Real Estate - Real Estate Services

Rita Ogden

UCSF Health

Sharon Priest

UCSF Real Estate - Campus Planning

Jerome Sak

Budget and Resource Management

Kyle Smith

UCSF Real Estate - Business Intelligence

Shauna Strong

Financial and Administrative Services (FAS)

John Watkins UCSF Real Estate - Campus Design & Construction

Karin Wong

School of Medicine

Alesia Woods 

School of Pharmacy



Advisory Members


Janhavi Bonville

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Alicia Murasaki

Real Estate – Campus Planning


Faculty Space Review Committee


The Faculty Space Review Committee (FSRC) was created in 2021 to improve UCSF’s space management practices. It collects and analyzes occupancy and financial data and reports on qualitative and quantitative metrics to assess wet lab utilization, with the goals of maximizing utilization of space while promoting faculty productivity, building cooperative, energetic neighborhoods, ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion, and enabling faculty recruitment and retention. The FSRC reports and makes recommendations to the UCSF Space Committee.


Robert Blelloch, MD, PhD (Chair) School of Medicine, Urology
Joseph Costello, PhD School of Medicine, Neurological Surgery
Hani Goodarzi, PhD School of Medicine, Biochemistry & Biophysics
Sunita Ho, MS, PhD School of Dentistry, Preventative and Restorative Dental Sciences
Ian Seiple, PhD School of Medicine, Cardiovascular Research Institute
Elaine Ku, MD, MAS School of Medicine, Dept of Medicine, Nephrology
Rushika Perera, PhD School of Medicine, Anatomy
Sam Pleasure, MD, PhD School of Medicine, Neurology
Jason Sello, PhD School of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Yin Shen, PhD School of Medicine, Neurology
Dean Sheppard, MD School of Medicine, Dept of Medicine
Catherine Smith, MD School of Medicine, Hematology/Oncology
Valerie Weaver, PhD School of Medicine, Surgery