Parnassus Heights Planning FAQ's

We welcome your questions and comments about plans to re-envision and revitalize the Parnassus Heights campus. Please email them to [email protected]

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


How does UCSF intend to fund this plan, given the scope and reach of the vision?

UCSF leadership is committed to enhancing Parnassus Heights. The plan will identify a series of phased improvements for progressive investment over time and we are working with cost estimators to get some high-level insights into the projected cost for some of the potential near-term projects.

The CPHP planning process is closely integrated with the Budget office’s planning for the 10-Year Core Financial Plan and analysis is underway to better understand the campus’s capacity to undertake significant new projects in a realistic and sustainable way.

Given the scope of the improvements we hope to achieve, we anticipate that philanthropy must play a significant role.  University Development and Alumni Relations (UDAR) is strategizing on the fundraising potential for projects proposed in the Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan and are optimistic that there is significant opportunity for cultivating donor interest. As the CPHP is finalized and leadership direction on sequencing is clarified, UDAR will continue to coordinate with the UCSF Real Estate team to identify donor opportunities and match programs and projects to our philanthropic supporters.


How will the CPHP affect the space ceiling at Parnassus Heights and is there a way to increase it to accommodate the need for more research and clinical space?

The space ceiling was imposed on UCSF by the UC Regents in 1976. It limits development at the Parnassus Heights campus to 3.5 million gross square feet of enclosed space, which includes the parking garages and all buildings except housing. UCSF has been working closely with our neighborhood community, as well as representatives from the City and County, during the Parnassus re-envisioning process. This collaboration will continue as we work to understand how the new plan for Parnassus translates into actual square footage.