Center for Vision (CVN) on Block 33 FAQ

The Block 33 Building has been named the UCSF-Center for Vision (CVN).

Below are Frequentiy Asked Questions (FAQs) sorted by topic. 

1. Communication

2. Personal Space & Working in the Building including conference rooms, wayfinding, security

3. Building Governance and Decision Making

4. Transportation and working at Mission Bay


The Open Plan FAQ may also provide useful information.





Personal Space & Working in the Building


Building Governance & Decision Making

How will private offices and work stations be assigned? A set of criteria are in development that will be shared to begin planning for office and work station assignments.

Who is on the Building Programming Committee? This information is available here.

How are decisions about space being made? Where can I learn more? UCSF is currently working on various initiatives and projects that focus on space strategy, space assignment, space utilization and more. As results of these efforts are released, the campus will be informed on the website and through any official policy changes that may occur. Stay tuned as more information will be shared in the coming months.  

How can building occupants build community? This is an effort that will be part of the Open Plan Change Support Project being led by Cristina Morrison. It is expected that building wide events will be scheduled close to moving in, but prior to that, tools and resources will be provided to encourage community building prior to moving in.

What other groups are in the building? The plans for occupants of the Academic Tower and Ophthalmology Building on Block 33 will be available soon and will be shared with all occupant groups. In addition, a presentation will be provided for managers to begin rolling out information to their groups.


Transportation & Working at Mission Bay

My commute will change when I move to Mission Bay. How can I plan ahead?  Information about changing traffic patterns in the Mission Bay area will be shared with all UCSF staff and faculty via our UCSF Transportation Office. The Transportation team is dedicated to ensuring information is shared proactively and our staff and faculty are prepared for the changes that will continue to occur near Mission Bay and other areas where UCSF has a site. All staff and faculty are encouraged to stay informed by signing up for newsletters and other venues of information pertinent to their transportation needs.  Please visit for directions, commuting connections, and information regarding UCSF vanpool and carpools, and much more!

How can I get a parking permit that serves Mission Bay? UCSF parking permits for the Mission Bay campus are available and current FY16-17 rate is $218/month.  For complete details regarding parking rates, access, rules and regulations; please visit our campus permit website here.

Will parking be available on-site? Approximately 200 surface parking spaces will be developed on Block 33 and service patients/visitors and employees.  The mixed use surface lot is accessible 24/7 and available on a first come, first served basis. If the lot is full, permit holders and patients/visitors may park in the UCSF 3rd Street Garage, Rutter Garage or any northern campus surface lot. Click here to view an interact map of Mission Bay.

Which UCSF shuttles service the area?  The UCSF Green shuttle will service Block 33 to transport patrons around the Mission Bay campus, including Caltrain, China Basin, Mission Bay North and South campus, and 654 Minnesota. The Green shuttle stops on 4th Street, where patrons can transfer to other campus shuttle lines: Grey, Blue, Gold, Red and Mission Bay local shuttles.  Click here for current shuttle timetables and general information.

When will the Warriors Arena open? Sign up to receive updates on the Chase Center website.

Where can I find the Giants home game schedule? See the Giants website.

How long will construction impact the MB area? There are many ongoing projects in the broader Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. Our Campus Life Services team has created a Construction Impacts website where information is updated in real time to prepare our UCSF community for construction impacts. Sign up to receive updates.