Zuckerberg San Francisco General

The Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (ZSFG) and UC San Francisco share a 140-year history of partnership. Through an affiliation agreement with the city and county of San Francisco, UCSF leases or otherwise occupies space in exchange for services. UCSF faculty physicians provide all the medical care at ZSFG.

UCSF at ZSFG Research and Academic Building

UCSF conducts research in support of the clinical programs at Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (ZSFG) in laboratory and desktop space, much of which is located in older brick buildings. UCSF is in the planning process to build a modern academic research building at ZSFG on what is currently the B/C surface parking lot. The facility, which has a projected completion date of 2021, will provide safer facilities for faculty and staff currently located in these seismically compromised buildings and also house employees from off-site leased space. Negotiations for acquiring the surface parking lot from the City were approved in early 2017.

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Proposed Timeline

ZSFG proposed timeline

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Information for future occupants

This page will have information for future occupants of the building, including FAQ, floorplans, detailed updates from the programming committee and more.

UCSF at ZSFG Research and Academic Building: Programming Committee

Sue Carlisle, Co-Chair, Vice Dean, ZSFG SOM Dean's Office 
Mike McCune, Co-Chair, Professor, Medicine
Fran Aweeka, Professor, Clinical Pharmacy
Michael Bade, Associate Vice Chancellor - Capital Programs, Real Estate, Planning & Capital Programs
Mike Beattie, Professor, Neurosurgery
Rachael Callcut, Assistant Professor, Surgery
Lisa Cisneros, Senior Director, University Relations
Margaret Damiano, Associate Dean of Administration, ZSFG SOM Dean's Office
Christine Dehlendorf, Associate Professor, Family and Community Medicine
John Ewers, Facilities Manager, ZSFG SOM Dean's Office
Monica Gandhi, Professor, Clinical Medicine
David Hathaway, Director, Budget and Resource Management
Rebecca Jackson, Professor and Chief, OBGYN
Diane Kay, Planner, Campus Planning
Anda Kuo, Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Margot Kushel, Professor, Medicine
Jim Marks, Professor, Anesthesia
Ted Miclau, Professor and Vice Chair, Orthopedic Surgery
Jane Meier, Division Administrator, OBGYN
Ellen Owens, Senior Project Manager, Capital Programs
Laurae Pearson, Director of Administration, Medicine
Don Rudy, Deputy Campus Architect, Capital Programs
Martha Shumway, Associate Professor, Psychiatry
Bruce Wintroub, Vice Dean, School of Medicine