Clinical Sciences Building FAQ

Below are Frequentiy Asked Questions (FAQs) sorted by topic. 
2. Personal Space & Working in the Building (includes conference rooms, wayfinding, security, etc.)

The Open Plan FAQ may also provide useful information.


Personal Space & Working in the Building


How will I know how to adjust my chair or my desk to the correct height?

Furniture demonstrations and trainings will be scheduled prior to moving in. Upon move-in, demonstrations with furniture experts will be scheduled to allow for hands-on adjustments and training. In addition, online resources are being developed to provide short instructional videos to teach users how to self-adjust their work stations any time after move in.


Will I have a laptop?

Department managers are encouraged to plan for mobile technology for all staff and faculty prior to moving in. The Open Plan Change Support team will provide recommendations for technology that support best practices in open plan workspace.

Will I receive a headset or headphones? At this time, departments may elect to purchase headphones or headsets for their staff and faculty. These will not be provided as part of the move.

Will I be able to adjust the temperature at my workstation or office? Each office will have a temperature sensor and offices will be grouped in zones of 4-8 with a control for the zone. Temperature will be user adjustable (up or down), to be determined by the building operational team, and adhering to work place standard ranges.  Workstations will be controlled by zone, determined by location and similar thermal conditions. Adjustability for that group of workstations will be in a similar range to the offices

What if I already have an ergonomic chair or other ergonomic equipment? UCSF policy will allow ergonomic chairs and other ergonomic equipment to be moved to your new workspace.  All workstations will have new height adjustable work surfaces.

How will I find my desk? What type of wayfinding can I expect?  The building is designed around a clear neighborhood concept with easy and understandable flow. This will be supplemented with a workstation numbering concept as well as digital monitors at the elevator lobby, way finding maps and signage throughout the building and on each floor.


What about security and access for visitors? The new CSB will have access to Saunders Court from Parnassus Avenue. Elevators serving CSB will also serve the Nursing Building.  Secured access to CSB will be from the elevator lobby on each floor. The access to each floor for visitors has yet to be determined. This aspect will be decided by Building Governance Committees and department leadership. Information will be shared as it is decided.

How was the furniture selected for the building? The primary furniture manufacturer, Steelcase/One Work Place has been selected but specific furniture has not yet been identified. 

Will mock-ups be available prior to moving in? Mock-ups will be available once furniture options have been narrowed down by Building Programming Committees and working groups. The location of these has yet to be determined and will be shared broadly with occupant groups so they may have the opportunity to ‘kick the tires.”

How is temperature controlled in the building? Temperature will be user adjustable (up or down), to be determined by the building operational team, and adhering to work place standard ranges.  Workstations will be controlled by zone, determined by location and similar thermal conditions. Adjustability for that group of workstations will be in a similar range to the offices.

What type of lighting can I expect? The lighting is designed with fixtures specifically selected for efficient energy performance, glare minimization, even distribution of lighting, and a mid-range lamp temperature.

What sorts of amenities will be in the building? The building will have many amenities including access to Saunder’s Court from Parnassus, a variety of multipurpose rooms (classroom/conference rooms), town centers on floors 2-7, a lactation room, and gender inclusive restrooms. In addition, the Parnassus Heights campus site and Inner Sunset neighborhood has many amenities to encourage spending time outside the building, including working out at the Millberry Fitness Center, getting fresh air in Saunders Court and enjoying the various on-campus retail food services such as Ladle & Leaf and many others at Millberry Union. Details of other amenities will be broadly shared with occupants as part of their move-package.

What about WIFI? Wi-fi will be available throughout interior spaces.

How should my group deal with HIPAA concerns? In partnership with our UCSF Privacy Office, a series of FAQ are being developed for UCSF staff and faculty moving into open plan spaces focused on HIPAA, which has come up as a concern in the past. The FAQ will be updated regularly to reflect changes in the way we work and will be shared as soon as it is updated. For now, it is recommended that all UCSF staff and faculty review the Privacy Office FAQ.

Are there conference rooms in this building? Yes, there are conference rooms on each floor as well as multipurpose rooms on the ground and first floors Details will be provided as soon as they are available.

Who will manage and schedule them?  This is being determined through a campus-wide effort for all similar conference rooms. Information will be updated as soon as decisions have been made.

Will training be provided for technology in conference rooms?  Yes, once the technology decisions are made, training will be provided prior to moving-in and for the first few weeks after move-in. In addition, ongoing training programs can be developed with partners once we know more about the conference room management efforts.

Will building occupants have priority access to conference rooms on their floors? Yes, the idea is that conference rooms on each floor will serve as the primary rooms for departments on those floors. There are also a host of conference rooms available on the Parnassus Heights site for all UCSF staff and faculty to access.

Will I be able to schedule meetings prior to moving in? If yes, how far in advance? It is likely that we will be able to do this, however, the method has yet to be determined. Once we know more, the information will be shared. 

Who do I call if there is a spill in the conference room? This will be developed as part of the open-plan conference room management effort.

Who do I call if I need tech assistance for my meeting? This will be developed as part of the open-plan conference room management effort.

What type of technology can I expect in the focus, huddle and conference rooms? The details of technology are still being decided. Once they are known, the information will be shared.


Building Governance & Decision Making

How will private offices and work stations be assigned? A set of criteria are in development that will be shared to begin planning for office and work station assignments.

Who is on the Building Programming Committee? The CSB Building Programming Committee will be appointed in early 2018 and the committee roster will be available on

How are decisions about space being made? Where can I learn more? UCSF is currently working on various initiatives and projects that focus on space strategy, space assignment, space utilization and more. As results of these efforts are released, the campus will be informed on the website and through any official policy changes that may occur. Stay tuned as more information will be shared in the coming months.  

How can building occupants build community? This is an effort that will be part of the Open Plan Change Support Project being led by Cristina Morrison. It is expected that building wide events will be scheduled close to moving in, but prior to that, tools and resources will be provided to encourage community building prior to moving in.

Transportation & Working at Parnassus Heights

My commute will change when I move to Clinical Sciences Building on the Parnassus Heights campus site. Where can I find information to prepare for the changes?  

Transportation Services has launched a commute portal to assist employees with their commuting needs and include the following amenities:

  • A state of the art trip planner that includes all Bay Area mass transit modes and UCSF shuttles in its routing and will allow you to compare and contrast mode choices based on cost, sustainability, and time.
  • Searchable carpool and vanpools for you to connect with directly through the platform
  • Trip planner maps that include all campus buildings to make it easier than ever to plan a commute to the exact place you need to go
  • A suite of incentives to reward you for making sustainable commutes and tracking your trips
  • A number of integrated and connected applications to make tracking your trips quick and painless (yes, we have Strava!) so you can earn incentives faster

Will parking be available on-site?

Permit parking is very limited and we encourage the use of alternative transportation modes for commuting to Parnassus Heights.  Existing permit holders may already have parking reciprocity, please visit our Transportation Services permit website for further details here.

How can I get a parking permit that serves the Parnassus Heights area?

Permit parking is very limited and employees at all levels in Grade 26 or higher will be eligible for P parking permits (in the legacy classification structure, P permits may be purchased by employees at MSP IV and above). P permits are available for Laurel Heights, Mission Bay, Mission Center Building, Mt Zion, and Parnassus and allow parking at the employee’s primary work site, contingent on availability, with parking reciprocity at other UCSF locations with the exception of Mt. Zion.   Permit waitlists are available for the Surge/Woods employee lot (off Medical Center Way) and  nearby Kezar (non-UCSF parking site).  Please contact Transportation Services at 415-476-2566 to be placed on a waiting list.

Which UCSF shuttles service the area? How about other public transportation options?

Parnassus Heights is well served by the UCSF shuttle network and includes the Black, Blue, Gold, Grey, Pink, Lime, Pink, Purple, and Tan routes.  The network connects Parnassus to Mt. Zion/Laurel Heights, Mission Center, Mission Bay and ZSFG.  Parnassus is also well served by mass transit lines including the N Judah.  For complete details visit or for mass transit details.