2022 Annual Space Survey

The 2022 Annual Space Survey period kicks off on Wednesday, September 14th.

Coordinators from the Department of Medicine have a survey end date of October 21st, followed by an end date of November 1st for all remaining Coordinators.  This will provide additional time for Strategists to review all changes submitted by Coordinators. The survey will close on November 16th to all Strategists.

2022 Town Hall Kickoff Presentation

Presentation Recording

Presentation Deck (PDF)

Archibus Coordinator & Strategist New Homepage Overview

Presentation Recording

2022 Training Materials

Training materials are available by role (Space Coordinator or Space Strategist) in the Archibus Training Materials section of our website.

Space Survey Job Aids

The following Job Aids can help you get a jump-start on completing your Space Survey:

Space Survey Training Videos

These Space Survey training videos will walk you through the process of completing your Annual Space Survey. If you are new to Archibus, it is recommended that you watch the videos in the order provided.  We have broken the videos into smaller sections for existing users who may need a refresher on specific content.

  1. Accessing Archibus - Accessing the Archibus application.
  2. User Roles Report - Determine your user access, Stategist, and any fellow Coordinators.
  3. Starting your Space Survey - Space Update Form - How to start your survey and check rooms out of the My Rooms List tab.
  4. Editing Room Details - Space Update Form - How to edit room types, station counts, division & department allocations, PI details, loan details and room occupants.
  5. Marking rooms as Space Suveyed and Space Survey Workflow - How to mark rooms as "Space Surveyed", submitting updates for a room and understanding room status workflow during the space survey.
  6. Completing your Annual Space Survey - Completing your Annual Space Survey and available survey progress reports.
  7. Space Request Form - How to troubleshoot rooms missing from My Rooms list tab and submitting a Space Request Form.

2022 Space Survey – Biweekly Training Sessions via Zoom

Biweekly Zoom sessions are available for all Coordinators and Strategists during the Annual Space Survey to review the survey process and help answer any questions. Each of these meetings covers the same content.  You only need to attend a single training session unless more instruction is needed. If you prefer another date/time for an ad-hoc 1:1 training session, please reach out to Space Analytics team at [email protected]

There is no signup required to attend a training session, you can join a Zoom meeting by using the following call in details for each session: 


Meeting Date




Zoom Access Details


 10:00 - 11:00

Zoom details are included in the Town Hall follow-up email, or you can reach out to us to receive the invite.


 10:00 - 11:00


 10:00 - 11:00

 Thank you in advance for your support and effort in our 2022 Annual Space Survey!