Parnassus Heights

UCSF Parnassus site aerial view.

Revilatization of Parnassus Heights: Seismic Program Renovations

UC San Francisco's Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) was approved by the University of California Regents in late 2014. With this momentum, UCSF began to focus its attention on the Parnassus campus to address critical structural issues as one of the many phases of implementing the LRDP. The first objective is to seismically retrofit and renovate Clinical Sciences Building (CSB) by 2019 and UC Hall (UCH) upon completion of CSB. The combined investment in the Parnassus Seismic Renovation Program is around $400 million. See details below of each phase including demolition of Laboratory of Radiobiology (LabRad), and various other buildings impacted by renovations and relocations. These dates are approximate and will be updated regularly.

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Program Phases

Mid-2014 thru late-2015

    • HSIR Tower Renovations: Renovation of 4 floors to relocate wet labs from CSB and UCH permanently. HSE8, HSE7, HSW7 and HSW8 completed 2015.
    • Medical Sciences Building (MSB): Renovation projects throughout MSB for the relocation of wet labs from CSB and UCH. Medical Sciences 2, 6, 7 and 8 completed 2015.
    • Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) and Millberry Union (MU): Renovations for permanent and temporary relocation of CSB programs
    • UC Hall: Minor renovations for the temporary relocation of CSB programs  

      Mid-2015 thru mid-2016

    • Laboratory of Radiobiology: Partial demolition
    • MRIV: Demolition
    • Parnassus Utility Relocation Phase I: Saunders Court impacted

      Mid-2015 thru 2019

    • Seismically retrofit and renovate Clinical Sciences Building (CSB). CSB is no longer accessible as a pass-thru between Medical Sciences (MSB), Nursing and UC Hall; wayfinding maps are posted.
    • CSB completed, occupants move in, UCH decanted.
    • Parnassus streetscape


    • Seismically retrofit and renovate UCH.

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