Welcome to the UC San Francisco Space website. Here you will find information about work space at UCSF, including current renovation and construction projects as well as links to our many sister sites. Our goal is to provide a unified source of information on these projects and answer any questions or concerns about construction, timelines, open plan design, and decision making. We also want to ensure ongoing communication as projects roll out now and into the future. 

Finding the best place for our leaders to work and collaborate can be a challenge. As we look to the future, we must consider how we can accommodate potential growth and provide appropriate space for our faculty and staff to work within a constantly challenging budget climate. 

All construction projects at UCSF follow a decision making process that incorporates:

  • Building program - determined by campus and school leadership and departments that will occupy space
  • Building size - determined by site entitlement, program and budget; at Parnassus, consider the space ceiling limitations; at Mission Bay, follw the Mission Bay Master Plan and Design Guidelines and Mission Bay Phase 2 Planning Study
  • Budget - dictated by financial resources
  • Providing a workplace to support all faculty and staff

All major construction projects and renovations include a decision process that involves feedback from:

  • Faculty Users Group/Advisory Committee - This is a representative group that meets with project managers, architects, contractors and designers to incorporate the needs of all users and reports back to departments and occupants. They also provide recommendations to the designated Building Committee.
  • Building Committee - This group comprises institutional leaders at Chancellor and Dean levels and provides recommendations to Chancellor's Executive Cabinet (CEC).
  • Chancellor - Final decisions are made by the Chancellor after recommendations from the CEC.

Major Space Projects