UCSF Research and Academic Building at ZSFG FAQ
Updated January 2019

These FAQ are sorted by topic.

There is also another section on the website dedicated to Open Plan FAQ.




What will happen to the red brick buildings after UCSF staff leave?

That will be up to the Department of Public Health, which owns the property.







Who will be able to participate in the Design Groups?

The structure of the design groups will be determined by the project architect, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, in collaboration with the ZSFG Dean’s Office and UCSF Real Estate. Those who would like to participate in the Design Groups are encouraged to contact the project team at [email protected].

How else can I provide input into the design of the building?

Participants in Design Group meetings will provide more review and comment ondesign ideas with the project team and the architect, based on established design criteria. Their  findings and recommendations will be presented for review and discussion in UCSF at ZSFG leadership meetings and committees. Those who do not attend leadership meetings and are not participating directly in meetings with the project team can provide input to those who represent them in those groups. At any time any member of the UCSF at ZSFG research and academic community can provide direct input through the project’s email address: [email protected]. The ZSFG Dean’s Office will assure all input into the design process is reviewed.

The information we provided in 2016 doesn’t match our current needs. Will the building be designed based on that information?  

We know that needs have changed since 2016 and will continue to change between now and occupancy of the building in 2022. Information collected from the UCSF at ZSFG community prior to the design phase was used to develop the building program, which was used as a basis for members of the design-build team to understand the scope of the project. This information will also serve as a starting point for the design phase, but will not directly define the building design. The goal of the design phase is to create plans for a facility that will optimally serve the needs we have when we move in, and support the needs of UCSF research and academic programs at ZSFG for many decades to come.


How will space be allotted and managed in the new building?

The new building will need a governance structure to coordinate the needs of occupant groups and manage decisions related to space and services, under the authority of the ZSFG Vice Dean. This structure will be developed by a Governance Group made up of representatives of the UCSF at ZSFG community.

Who will be in the Governance Group?

Governance Group membership will be established by the ZSFG Vice Dean, and is expected to include the chairs of the Design Groups and other representatives of the UCSF at ZSFG community. Additional details will be shared as they become available.

Move Preparation & Working in the New Building 

Will we get to choose where our labs will be located?

The building layout will be determined during the design phase. A Governance Group specific to the UCSF Research and Academic Building at ZSFG will also inform the assignment and management of spaces and adjacencies. The goals in assigning spaces and adjacencies will be meeting user needs, optimizing potential for collaboration, similarity of research and education programs, and providing the best opportunities for use of shared equipment. Information about these processes will be shared as their structure is developed.

How will costs be shared if there are common facilities?

This will be determined as the project progresses, and will be informed by what has been learned from other recently constructed UCSF buildings using Open Plan Design. A structure for coordinating ongoing operations costs, indirect cost recovery, and space governance will need to be carefully reviewed and adjusted for the unique needs of the UCSF at ZSFG community as we plan for the move of UCSF at ZSFG operations into the new building. This structure will be developed by a Governance Group made up of representatives of the UCSF at ZSFG community, whose membership will be established by the ZSFG Vice Dean.