UC Hall

UC Hall (UCH) is a 147,000 gross square foot (gsf) building constructed in 1917 as the first UC hospital.  The Toland Hall lecture space features the 1935-38 fresco by Bernard Zakheim, "History of Medicine in California." Upon completion of the proposed renovations in 2020, staff, faculty and students will move into a building that includes work spaces, instructional space on the lower floors and housing on the upper floors. Wet labs have permanently relocated to other areas of the Parnassus Heights site.

The Faculty Advisory Committee for CSB/UCH met July through November 2013 and provided recommendations for workplace design in UCH to the Parnassus Heights Oversight Committee.


Completion after CSB project is complete. Dates will be revised as soon as available.


Total project budget for UCH is $183 million.

Project Team

Patti Mitchell, Associate Director
Esherick, Homsey, Dodge & Davis (EHDD), Architect/Engineer

Related Projects

UC Hall Facade Stabilization and Minor Renovations

The purpose of this project is to stabilize the exterior of UCH, provide a covered exit from the basement level and provide temporary dry research space for programs moving from CSB. The scope of the work includes installing scaffolding in selected areas around UCH. Removing the bus shelter, providing minor interior demolition of some labs, installing new electrical and data and refreshing finishes in recently vacated labs/offices. The corridors will also be painted and new doors installed at stairs. The impact of the work will include loss of the bus shelter and relocation of the bench, visible scaffolding, construction activity and some noise. There will be an increase of occupants in UCH through 2017 and presence of construction personnel. Eric Larsen, Project Manager, can be contacted for questions. Signs will be posted throughout the building with updates.