Laurel Heights

The 10.3-acre Laurel Heights campus site is located at 3333 California Street, on the block bounded by California Street to the north, Presidio and Masonic avenues to the east, Euclid Avenue to the south, and Laurel Street to the west. The campus site is part of the mixed-use (residential and commercial) Laurel Heights neighborhood. The Laurel Heights buildings were constructed between 1955 and 1966 and were acquired by UCSF in 1985. The campus site includes an underground garage and a surface parking lot.

There are approximately 1,200 employees at this campus site, which is the primary location of UCSF’s social, behavioral, and policy science research. A number of academic and campus administrative departments are also located at Laurel Heights, along with food services space, a conference center, and a child care center.

In 2014, as part of UCSF’s efforts to consolidate the university’s remote and off-campus sites, to save operating and occupancy costs, and to improve collaboration across campus, the Laurel Heights campus was ground leased to The Prado Group, Inc. and SKS Partners LLC, under a developer partnership agreement for a 99-year prepaid ground lease. The agreement was the first of its kind in the UC system and includes a space lease of the current facility back to UCSF for the next few years.


  • The campus's current lease agreement provides for a minimum 12 month notice from the building owner to vacate the facility.
  • The university expects to receive notice as early as December 2018, which would require UCSF to fully vacate the facility no later than December 2019 or early January 2020.
  • Campus staff continue to work closely with the owner regarding their future plans and schedule for the Laurel Heights facility. As any timelines are confirmed they will be shared.

Campus Updates

January 16, 2014: Update on Long-Term Occupancy in the Laurel Heights Facility

December 21, 2012: UCSF Seeks Development Ideas for Laurel Heights Campus

Laurel Heights in the News

Developer website: 3333CALSF

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