F&A Tools and Training

F&A Overview

The Facilities and Administrative Functional Space Survey is how the use of specific rooms within specific departments in specific buildings is captured.

The 2018 F&A Survey officially opened with a focus group training October 4, 2018. The F&A portion of the survey will end for departmental users December 21, 2018.

F&A Tools and Training



Focus Group F&A Training

Focus Group Training from October 4, 2018 providing an overview of F&A concepts, terms and operations.

Chart-field Lookup


Web tool providing chartstrings with assigned F&A Functions, department, PI, speedtype, expenditure detail and more (myaccess login required)

List of Function Codes & Definitions

Code List with definitions and instruction for use of each of the F&A functional usage codes in support of space functionalization.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

F&A Space Survey FAQs

F&A Budget and Resource Management Support Team

For more information, please contact:

Darryl Lim ([email protected])

Morissa Gleichenhaus ([email protected])

Garret Jang ([email protected])

F&A 2018 Population

In 2018 wet and dry lab room activity in 4 buildings for 5 departments are included in the first UCSF Archibus based F&A space survey.


2018 Buildings (4)

Diller Cancer Research Building

Sandler Neurosciences Building

Smith CVRI Building

Eli Broad Stem Cell Building


2018 Departments (5)

Cardiovascular Research Institute

Comprehensive Cancer Center

IND Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neurological Surgery