F&A Tools and Training

F&A Overview

The Facilities and Administrative Functional Space Survey is how the use of specific rooms within specific departments in campus buildings is captured.

The 2019 F&A Survey opened along with the space survey on September 9, 2019. Town halls for participating departments were September 12 at Parnassus N217 and September 17 at Mission Bay MH1406. The F&A portion of the survey will end for departmental users December 13, 2019.

F&A Tools and Training



F&A Training: 2019 Town Hall

Town Hall training for 2019 survey providing an overview of F&A concepts, terms and operations.

Chart-field Lookup


Web tool providing chartstrings with assigned F&A Functions, department, PI, speedtype, expenditure detail and more (myaccess login required).

List of F&A Function Codes & Definitions

F&A Functional Code List with definitions and instructions for use in support of space functionalization survey.

F&A Function Code Quick Guide

Short F&A Function description and example guide.
F&A Department Support Scheduler

Smartsheet scheduler for department coordinators to set up training sessions with the BRM Admin team.

F&A Budget and Resource Management Support Team

For more information, please contact:

Darryl Lim ([email protected])

Morissa Gleichenhaus ([email protected])

Garret Jang ([email protected])

Edel Alon ([email protected])

Carol Luong ([email protected])

F&A 2019 Population

Wet and dry lab as well as support space activity within on-campus buildings for departments within 21 large research divisions.  


2019 Departments (21)

Anatomy Neurology
Biochemistry and Biophysics ObGyn, Reproductive Sciences
Cardiovascular Research Inst Pathology
CMP (Cellular Molecular Pha) Pediatrics
Diabetes Center Psychiatry
Epidemiology & Biostatistics Radiology
HDF Comprehensive Cancer Ctr Regeneration Medicine
IND (Neurodegenerative Dis) Surgery
Medicine Pharmaceutical Chemistry (SoP)
Microbiology and Immunology Bioengineering (SoP)
Neurological Surgery