Clinical Sciences Building

The Clinical Sciences Building (CSB) is a 109,126 gross square foot (gsf) building constructed in 1932. It is one of the oldest buildings on the Parnassus Heights site and includes office, research, clinical and educational space. The building is currently being seismically renovated to meet seismic safety requirements. Upon completion of the renovations in mid-2019, staff and faculty will move into a building that includes office and instructional space only. Wet labs currently in CSB have been permanently relocated.

The Faculty Advisory Committee for CSB/UCH met July 2013 through November 2013 and provided recommendations for workplace design in CSB to the Parnassus Heights Seismic Oversight Committee. The building will be an Open Plan Workspace design, which includes small private offices, focus, and huddle rooms, and assigned workstations. See CSB FAQ. Download the proposed CSB design.

Construction Updates

Effective June 2017, Plant Construction is the new contractor.


May 2013: Approval of preliminary funding
July 2013: Faculty Advisory Committee Meetings thru November 2013, when recommendations were submitted
December 2013: Interior improvement designs through July 2014
February 2016 thru late 2019: Construction
Late 2019: Occupants move-in to renovated CSB


Total project budget for CSB is $95 million.

Project Team & Contacts

Debra Mathau Roche, Senior Program Manager, REPCAPS
Ted Meyer, Senior Project Manager, REPCAPS
Esherick, Homsey, Dodge & Davis (EHDD), Architect/Engineer

CSB Building Committee

Membership is being developed and will be posted once it is confirmed.