Laurel Heights


UCSF finalized an agreement and closed escrow for the long-term (99-year) ground lease of the Laurel Heights campus site to a private real estate investment partnership: Laurel Heights Partners LLC. In conjunction with the long-term ground lease, UCSF is renting back the Laurel Heights campus and will continue to occupy it for a minimum of five years. During this time, all UCSF personnel and programs currently working out of Laurel Heights will continue to do so. Additionally, the operation and maintenance of the building will still be provided by UCSF.

UCSF Campus Planning has been canvassing the units located at Laurel Heights to understand their locational needs and preferences. Campus Planning will continue consulting with the units and their respective deans and vice chancellors during the planning process. Questions should be directed to your supervisor or manager. This site will be updated regularly, and detailed information will be shared with Departments and Units currently at Laurel Heights.

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Laurel Heights map available here.